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Anna E. Syme, Todd G. B. Mclay, Frank Udovicic, David J. Cantrill, Daniel J. Murphy, Long-read assemblies reveal structural diversity in genomes of organelles – an example with Acacia pycnantha,Gigabyte,1,2021

Preprint. Anna E. Syme, Todd G.B. McLay, Frank Udovicic, David J. Cantrill, Daniel J. Murphy (2020). Long-read assemblies reveal structural diversity in genomes of organelles - an example with Acacia pycnantha. bioRxiv 2020.12.22.423164; doi:

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Vikrant Minhas, Richard M. Harvey, Lauren J. McAllister, Torsten Seemann, Anna E. Syme, Sarah L. Baines, James C. Paton, Claudia Trappetti. (2019). Capacity To Utilize Raffinose Dictates Pneumococcal Disease Phenotype. mBio Jan 2019, 10 (1) e02596-18; DOI: 10.1128/mBio.02596-18. Open Access:

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