Anna Syme

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Presentations, workshops

Galaxy Community Conference July 2019, Freiburg, Germany

Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society (ABACBS) Conference, November 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Galaxy Australia: National Bioinformatics Training 2018

Melbourne Bioinformatics Tutorial Presentations 2016-2018

eResearch Australasia Conference October 2018, Melbourne Australia

Genomics Workshop for Intersect, Sydney, Australia, December 2017

Genomics Workshop for Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne, Novembver 2017

Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society (ABACBS) November 2017, Adelaide, Australia

Melbourne Bioinformatics, September 2017

Presentation for eResearch South Australia, Adelaide, April 2017

Galaxy Australasia Meeting February 2017, Melbourne, Australia

University of Western Australia Microbial Genomics Workshop, Perth, Australia, November 2016

Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society November 2016, Brisbane, Australia

RDS/BPA Omics Consortium Meeting, November 2016, Melbourne

LSCC, VLSCI (now Melbourne Bioinformatics) 2016

Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference 2011, Adelaide, Australia

XVIII International Botanical Congress 2011, Melbourne, Australia

Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference 2008, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Sixth International Crustacean Congress 2005, Glasgow, United Kingdom.